You're likely here because I'm interested in working with you. If not, enjoy the pretty pictures and grab a fruit snack on the way out. I've organized my art into some featured categories as you can see above in the obnoxiously bright nav strip above. Below are a few highlights, but please, look around, stay a while.


I'm Jarett, I'm a Toledo, Ohio based artist, author, and front end web developer. I'm a mental health advocate, my wife, Jackie, is my favorite person in the world and spending time with our small menagerie of pets (four rats, three dogs, one snake, and one gecko) is my favorite way to relax and ground myself. I like to unwind with video games, sci-fi, and the MCU. I'm a 3D printing and prop making enthusiast too! I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and could draw my name before I could read or write. I've been coding for about twenty years, and have been at it since HTML was new. I think that pairing gives me a unique perspective since I can operate with artistic freedom or in logic-based systems.

I always meet my deadlines. I always do everything I can to make sure what I'm doing is coinciding with someone's vision or directive, but I also have no problem speaking up and offering different ideas and perspectives as I see them. Collaborating on a creation is also not just fun, but tends to yield a great end result that everyone is happy with.

Beyond that I'm fun to work with, love working with a team but can operate completely independently. I've been full-remote for over a year now and am very familiar with various tools like Zoom, Teams, Discord, and Slack.

Now's the time to have a look around and see my art. You'll see I have a great skill set, and if my skills

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